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Last updated Nov 7, 2023

Art.1 - Definitions

1.01 Fun Places: “Fun Places Ltd.”, “we”, “us” or “our”, Provider and owner of the “platform” or “website(s)” means Fun Places with the following website:

1.02 Services: Services as provided and described by Fun Places on the platform. On the Fun Places platform, services are only offered by Fun Places and Providers. 

1.03 Customer/Guest: The customer / guest is the one who has booked via the platform. The customer who makes the reservation guarantees that he / she is authorized to make a reservation for the group that he / she is bringing.

1.04 Third Parties: A third party(ies) is a recognized company or person that offers a service as referred to in paragraph 1.03 on behalf of Fun Places or a provider.

1.05 Platform: the (mobile) websites and Apps on which the services of Fun Places and the Provider are made available, controlled, managed, maintained and/or hosted by Fun Places, the owner of the “platform”.

Websites that fall under the platform:


1.06 Provider
: the provider of accommodation (e.g. hotel, motel, apartment, bed & breakfast, landlord), attractions (e.g. amusement parks, museums, tourist excursions), transport provider (e.g. car rental, cruises, train trips, airport shuttles, bus trips, transfers), tour operators, travel insurance and any other travel or related products or services available from time to time for Reservation on the Platform (B2B or B2C).

1.07 Reservation
: means the order, purchase, payment, booking or reservation by a guest with a provider and/or with Fun Places.

: what the provider offers on the Fun Places platform. The customer/guest can reserve this item via the Fun Places platform with the provider.

1.9 Sum
: the amount that the guest pays to Fun Places for his reservation. The sum has been confirmed by Fun Places in the reservation email sent to the guest. 

1.10 Legal Authority
: Disputes that must be resolved with judicial intervention must be brought before the courts in Curaçao.

Art. 2 - Fees, subscriptions and commissions

2.1 Providers and Guests do not have to pay any membership fees and visiting the platform is completely free.

When the customer/guest reserves an item, Service Costs and payment transaction costs may be charged by Fun Places. The amount of the transaction costs depends on the chosen payment method. These are explained in more detail in Article 4.

Each provider can with the type of item:


  • Offer unlimited item for free on the platform.
  • Optionally place a paid item, so that no commission has to be paid when renting. This package is valid for 365 days after which the accommodation goes offline and the provider can optionally extend it. This package can be seen by the provider while adding the item.

Tours & Activities:

  • Offer 10 item for free on the platform.
  • Optionally a paid package for 10 extra tours & activities. This package is valid for 365 days after which the items go offline and the provider can optionally extend them. This package can be seen by the provider while adding the item.

Rental vehicles:

  • Offer 10 rental vehicles for free on the platform.
  • Optionally a paid package for 10 additional rental vehicles. This package is valid for 365 days after which the items go offline and the provider can optionally extend them. This package can be seen by the provider while adding the item.

Bars & Restaurants:

  • List 1 item for free on the platform.
  • Optionally a paid package for 5 additional bars & restaurants. This package is valid for 365 days after which the items go offline and the provider can optionally extend them. This package can be seen by the provider while adding the item.

Locations & shops:

  • List 1 item for free on the platform.
  • Payment must be made for each additional item. Provider can choose from one paid package. This package is valid for 365 days, after which the items go offline and the provider can optionally renew them. This package can be seen by the provider while adding the item.

If a provider chooses to purchase a paid package to offer items, the provider will receive a timely notification when his package expires. All paid packages are valid for 365 days, say one year.  

If the provider does not renew in time, Fun Places will automatically set the item to inactive. The item will then no longer be visible on the platform and, if applicable, can no longer be reserved by guests. Existing reservations will be canceled by Fun Places.

If Fun Places has to cancel the reservations because the provider does not renew, Fun Places 10% will still charge commissions on the reservations to the provider by means of an invoice by email. If the provider still has a credit from Fun Places, this will be settled and the remainder will be charged or paid out after settlement of all payments due.

In the absence of any payment from the provider, Fun Places will initiate the statutory collection process in accordance with Curaçao law and regulations. All additional additional costs and statutory interest will be borne by the provider.

When a guest makes a reservation and pays, the provider must pay the following commission to Fun Places:

  • Accommodations: 8%, commission on free placement.
  • Accommodations: 0%, commission with paid package.
  • Tours & Activities: 10% committee.
  • Rental vehicles: 10% commission.

This commission is immediately settled by Fun Places with the sum that the provider receives from the reservation. The duration or amount of the reservation does not matter.

Art. 3 - Reservations

3.1 A guest can reserve an item via the Fun Places online platform. This item may concern an event, accommodation etc. or service from a provider. If a guest makes a reservation, he will be notified by email.

A provider can indicate with his own items whether it can be reserved or whether it is information about his service, product or location. These items can therefore not be reserved by the guest.

For each reservable item, the provider can indicate whether it is directly reservable or whether he has 24 hours after receipt of the reservation to manually accept/refuse the reservation.

After a guest has made a reservation, the provider receives an email containing the details of the reservation and any actions that need to be taken (24 hours to accept/refuse the reservation).

As soon as the reservation has been accepted, this must be done within 24 hours or this is done automatically with Directly bookable items, the guest will receive an email with the sum he must pay for the reservation. The guest has 24 hours to make the payment to Caribbean Fun.

Under no circumstances is it permitted to pay the sum directly to the provider and complete the reservation outside the platform. If Fun Places learns that this has happened, Fun Places is still entitled to 10% commission and the provider will receive an invoice from Fun Places which must be paid within 14 days. Article 2.7 also applies.

Additional costs that the guest must pay upon arrival at the provider can be stated in the description of the item. If a conflict arises in any way between the provider and the guest, both parties will have to resolve this without the intervention of Fun Places.

Art. 4 - Payments

4.1 Guests who make a reservation with a provider must pay Fun Places 24 hours after the provider has accepted the reservation. The reservation is only final after receipt of this payment.

4.2 Guests can choose from several payment options, including:
- 4.2.a iDeal - this is only available for guests with a Dutch bank account. There are no costs associated with this transaction for the guest.
- 4.2.b PayPal and Credit Card – this is available to anyone who has a PayPal account or a credit card. This transaction includes a 2.9% payment commission for the guest. There may be a few cents difference due to currency differences, this is done via PayPal and Fun Places has no influence on this.

4.3 Additional costs beyond the amount of the reservation that the guest must pay to the provider on site are the responsibility of the provider. Fun Places is not a party to this and bears no responsibility for this.

Art. 5 - Payouts

5.1 When the booking date of the item has passed, the provider is entitled to payment of the sum minus the commission. Fun Places ensures that the payment is transferred to the provider one day after the booking date. Suppose the guest arrives on the 10th of the month, Fun Places will ensure that the payment has been transferred on the 11th.

A provider can choose two payment methods:
- 5.2.a PayPal – the provider can enter the email address of his PayPal account in his account. Fun Places transfers exactly the amount received from the guest minus the commission to the provider. PayPal may charge transaction costs, which are borne by the provider.
- 5.2.b Bank transfer – the provider can provide his bank account details in his account. It is only possible to provide a Dutch account number. Fun Places transfers exactly the amount received from the guest minus the commission to the provider. Banks may charge transaction costs, which are borne by the provider.

Art. 6 - Cancellations

6.1 Reservations can be canceled free of charge by both parties until payment is received.

Once the guest's payment has been received by Fun Places, it is no longer possible for the guest to cancel with a refund.

The provider can request a cancellation of a reservation at any time. After receipt of cancellation, the guest will receive the full amount back from Fun Places. From that moment on, the provider owes the commission to Fun Places. Articles 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8 also apply here.

If a provider cancels a reservation three times within six months after receiving payment from the guest, the provider will be placed inactive by Fun Places and can no longer use the platform. Packages paid to Fun Places are non-refundable.

Cancellations after receipt of payment by the guest can be controlled by Fun Places.

Art. 7 - Liability

7.1 Fun Places is under no circumstances liable for damages if a reserved item does not correspond to reality. The provider is responsible for providing such a good picture of his item that corresponds to reality.

A no show of a guest or a guest(s) other than the one who has reserved is not the responsibility of Fun Places. Fun Places cannot be held liable for this. It is up to the provider and guest to resolve this themselves.

Fun Places is under no circumstances liable for any situations in which a guest or provider is not satisfied with his or her guest or provider. Compensation in any sense is immediately rejected and is not lawful.

Fun Places can offer items for third parties. In that case, it is always clear that this is a third party that offers the item or provides a service. Fun Places therefore does not bear the responsibility and liability for this third-party service.

If it is not clear by the guest that the provider is a third party, the burden of proof lies with the guest to substantiate this before considering any responsibility and liability.

The provider is responsible for being in possession of the correct permits to be able to export his items, including tour permits, safari tours exemptions, but also boat trips. The provider is responsible for each item for which a permit or exemption is required in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country of the item.

The provider must take care of taxes that he must pay on the income from the items. Fun Places does not take this into account with the payouts and the provider must arrange this himself. Fun Places shall not be liable or responsible for remitting, collecting, withholding or paying any applicable taxes on the sum to the relevant tax authorities.

If any form of damage, including personal injury, occurs during the execution of the reserved items, Fun Places is not responsible for this. Regardless of who is to blame for the damage, guest, provider and/or third parties, they must resolve this themselves with each other or with the insurance company.

The provider may indicate additional costs in the description of its items that must be paid locally. Fun Places is not responsible for the collection of these additional costs. If the guest does not comply with this at the start of the reserved item, the guest and provider will have to handle this themselves. Fun Places is not a party to this.

Art. 8 - Reviews

8.1 Guests can leave reviews on the providers' items. Fun Places receives a notification after a review has been posted. Fun Places must check and approve this review before it goes live on the platform. In this way, the content of a review is monitored.

Providers cannot post reviews about items from providers or themselves.

Providers have the right to respond to a posted review for their own item. In this way, the provider can thank the guest or provide more information about the situation.

Fun Places checks the following points before it goes live on the platform:
- No foul language should be used.
- There is no abuse.
- The review cannot be a personal attack.
- Negative reviews must be sufficiently substantiated.

Art. 9 - Privacy and Cookies

9.1 By using the Fun Places platform, both as a guest and a provider, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

9.2 The Privacy Policy can be found on the website: / privacy-policy /

9.3 The Cookie Policy can be found on the website: / cookie-policy /

Art. 10 - Disclaimer and complaints

10.1 Subject to the limitations set out in these general terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and cookie policy and to the extent permitted by law, Fun Places will only be liable for direct damage actually incurred, paid or suffered by the guest or provider due to a demonstrable shortcoming of Fun Places are obligations with regard to their own offered items and services, up to a joint amount of the joint costs of the relevant reservation as set out in the confirmation email.

Fun Places is not responsible (and disclaims all liability) for the use, validity, quality, applicability, suitability and appropriate disclosure of the item and makes no representations, warranties or conditions of any kind in this regard , whether implied, statutory or otherwise, including implied warranties of merchantability, title, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose. Guest acknowledges and agrees that the applicable provider is solely responsible and assumes all responsibility and liability relating to the item (including all warranties and representations made by the provider).

Complaints or claims regarding the item (including regarding the (special/promotional) price offered, the terms and conditions or specific guest requests) must be handled by the supplier. Fun Places is not responsible for and disclaims any liability with regard to such complaints, claims and (product) liabilities.

If a guest is not satisfied with the Fun Places platform, he/she can submit a complaint by email to Fun Places will handle the substantive complaint within 14 days.

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