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Holiday homes and accommodations in Banda Abou, Curacao

Discover the best holiday homes and accommodations in Banda Abou on Curaçao! Banda Abou offers a beautiful holiday destination in the Caribbean with beautiful natural landscapes, beautiful beaches and a rich cultural history.

On Fun Places » Curaçao you will find a wide choice of accommodations, varying from luxury villa’s by the sea to comfortable apartments in the beautiful mountains. So what are you waiting for? View the range of holiday homes and accommodations on Banda Abou and book today for an unforgettable holiday on this beautiful island!

Completely relax from your holiday home in Banda Abou

If you want to relax completely and are looking for a relaxing holiday on Curaçao, then you don't have to look any further than Banda Abou. Banda Abou is one of the most beautiful areas on Curaçao. Whether you want to enjoy a romantic sunset at the beach, go for a walk in the nearby Christoffel Park or just want to relax by the pool, here you will find everything you need to relax and unwind. 

In addition to relaxing, Banda Abou also offers various adventurous activities, such as the possibility to snorkel in the clear waters of Playa Knip, to jump from the highest cliff at Playa Forti or to visit the manor of Savonet to learn more about the local culture and history.  

Find your apartment in the most popular holiday areas of Curaçao

In addition to the rich culture and beautiful nature of Banda Abou, Willemstad, the lively heart, also offers numerous activities and sights. After a day of relaxing on the beach or exploring the local history, take to Willemstad's lively streets for shopping at the many boutiques, gift shops and local markets. 

Popular amenities in Curacao flats

Book your ideal holiday home in Banda Abou on Curaçao

Below you can see a number of apartments offered at Fun Places » Curaçao. Do you see a nice apartment and would you like more information about it? Click on it and view all the details of your chosen accommodation!

Why go on holiday to Curaçao?

Curaçao is the perfect island if you enjoy a wonderful sun, sea and beach holiday, with an average temperature of no less than 28 degrees 365 days a year.

In addition to sunbathing and relaxing on your beach bed, there are also many other activities to do and hotspots to discover on Curaçao. Swim with the dolphins or book a day trip to Klein Curaçao and spot the dolphins there lighthouse.

This island in the Caribbean has everything you need for an unforgettable holiday: a wonderful climate, friendly locals, good food and a rich cultural history. You can relax on the most beautiful beaches, snorkel and dive in the clear sea and enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Willemstad.

Book your vacation to Curaçao now and discover for yourself why this island is so loved by travelers all over the world!  

A fun fact about Curaçao!

Did you know that there is a beach on Curaçao where the pigs can swim? Yes, you read that right! The beach has “Porto Mari Beach” in Banda Abou and it has a special area for swimming pigs. Watching these pigs play and swim in the water while enjoying the beach is a unique and hilarious experience.

Frequently asked questions at a holiday home in Banda Abou on Curaçao

Self check-in

If you arrive late at your apartment, it may be desirable that you check in yourself. If this is possible, it is indicated in the information of the apartment.

In addition, you can easily send the provider of the flat you want to stay in a message and ask about any possibilities.

A rental car on Curaçao

It is definitely advisable to rent a car if you stay in Banda Abou on Curaçao. The nicest hotspots are scattered all over the island and with a car you can see them all.

There are few cycling and walking paths on Curaçao to explore the island. Of course, you can also use public transport, just keep in mind that these do not always run on time and do not go everywhere.

You can easily book your rental car or another type of rental vehicle at Fun Places » Curaçao. This way you have everything clearly arranged in one place. watch here all rental vehicles that are offered at Fun Curaçao.

Taking your pet on holiday

This depends on the apartment you book at Fun Places » Curaçao. Not every apartment allows you to bring your pet. But this is clearly indicated in the information of the apartments, so that you are aware of this before making a reservation. 

During your search for the perfect flat on Curaçao, you can easily filter on "pets allowed" to find all the flats where you can bring your pet. 

Check out the flats where pets are allowed here.

On holiday to Curaçao

Curaçao has wonderful weather all year round. There is not really a 'best travel time'. So you can plan a holiday to Curaçao all year round.

Holiday to Curaçao without worries

All communication and payments go through Fun Places and are only paid to the provider the day after your arrival at the apartment. This way you can be sure that in case of an unexpected cancellation by the provider you will get your deposit back in full.

If there are any problems, our customer service ready to assist you and help you with an unforgettable vacation on Curaçao

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